Curious Incident…

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time based on the novel by Mark Haddon was a spectacular piece of theatre which was an attack on the senses and a wonderful performance.

Graham Butler’s performance as the protagonist, fifteen year old Christopher, compared with lighting desginer, Paule Constable and set designer Bunny Christie, took the audience on a visceral journer inside the mind of an individual with autism. The combination of sounds, movement and colours evoked an emotional response from the onlookers creating humour, inspiration and sympathy.

The restrictive movement of the supporting characters along with their monotonous voices exemplified how an autistic person can often perceive others.

The intense light show and pace of the piece perfectly epitomised the superb creativity and imagination of Christopher, and made each audience member feel like a personal friend of the character.

This piece is a must-see, you will find yourself gasping for breath with laughter, to feeling your heart sink as you watch the relationship between Christopher and his father disintergrate.

Overall, a wonderfully memorable performance that I could watch again and again.


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