The Paper Birds are a Leeds based theatre company who use interviews which they have conducted to create theatre which is about real life.

BROKE is a three man play which brought stories of poverty to its audience. The show opened with the narration of a child’s voice talking about money and its meaning.

The small set of only a child’s bunkbed with toys scattered around, encapsulated the feeling of the mother and child who’s debt was trapping them and leaving them unable to escape from the struggles of every day life.

The actors combined a child’s perceptions of the world with the politics of money and poverty to place emphasis on how innocent many people can be to the problems that so often go on behind closed doors. The best scene to exemplify this was a sock puppet show of yellow, blue and red socks to recreate a debate in the House of Commons about the working class under the rule of Margaret Thatcher.

This was a rather thought provoking and educational piece which shone light onto a largely ignored sector of society. However, it lacked a moral message and did not provoke any particuar emotional response within me.

Altogether BROKE is a successful piece of fringe theatre, the first in a trilogy which I look forward to experiencing. JS56021209


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