Method In Madness- ENTITA THEATRE

Entita Theatre are Kent University’s Graduate theatre company. They take Shakespearean texts and merge them with physical theatre in order to bring Shakespeare to new audiences.

Entita Theatre's 'Method In Madness'
Entita Theatre’s ‘Method In Madness’

Method In Madness revolves around the character of Ophelia in Hamlet. The play follows a young Hollywood actress who struggles to connect with the Ophelia when she is hired to play her in a film. She turns to method acting, and Ophelia takes over, eventually dragging the actress to the same unfortunate end.

The play was beautifully choreographed, combining Shakespeare’s lines with physical theatre and original text.
The set was made up of three large mirrors, that with the correct lighting, could be made transparent. This gave an excellent foundation for the scenes in which Ophelia was on the opposite side of the mirror to the actress. The contemporary dance movements were based on iconic images of Ophelia, which enabled the audience to delve deeper into the personality of one of Shakespeare’s most famous women.

As the play progressed, the actress began to adopt the movement and speech of Ophelia, slowly metamorphising into her desired character, mirroring the structure of Hamlet itself as both women descended into madness.

Entita Theatre 'Method In Madness'
Entita Theatre ‘Method In Madness’

Altogether, Method In Madness is an enthralling piece of theatre which opens up the character of Ophelia, bringing her to the modern audience, without losing the beauty of Shakespearean language.


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