Photo credit to Tin Man Theatre.
Photo credit to Tin Man Theatre.

This year I managed to get myself to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the first time. It was a rather spontaneous trip meaning I only squeezed in a few shows.. However, I saw some truly inspiring theatre and thought I’d mention my personal favourite…

EAST- Stephen Berkoff // Tin Man Theatre.
This was the first show I saw and it completely blew me away.
With a cast of five actors and minimal set of just a few barstools, my focus throughout was solely on the strength of the characters created.
Each actor totally became their character and the energy they evoked as a team had their audience hanging off their every word.

Of course the play lends itself very stylistically to to physical theatre, the performers generated a very slick performance, using their bodies to evoke both humour and horror.

My favourite aspect of this production was the attention paid to timing and pace. There were moments of contant movement and fast paced action when it was needed, along with moments of absolute precision when a particular actor demanded the undivided attention of every last audience member.

Overall, EAST was an absolutely mesmorising piece of theatre which had a perfect balance between outrageous humour alongside the subtle grittiness of the subject matter. My only complaint would be that it was sold out the following night!|


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